Hotel Toplice ☆☆☆☆ Terme Catez

The New Year package at Hotel Toplice includes:

  • Overnight stay in a double room or in a single room
  • Treatment of half pension (drinks not included with meals)
    • breakfast and dinner
    • New Year's breakfast
    • New Year's Eve dinner with music
    • New Year's Day (01.01.20)
  • 2 Revenue per day in Winter Thermal Riviera
  • Access to fitness studio in the Toplice Hotel
  • Animation program


  • Daily menu (lunch or dinner) € 17 person per day
  • Daily menu for children (lunch or dinner) € 10,00 per person per day
  • Cradle € 14 per day
  • Suite € 60 per room per day
  • € 70 apartment per room per day


  • Children up to 4 years not completed (without bed) FREE overnight stay
  • Children from 4 to 12 years not completed in the room with parents on the extra bed -50%
  • Adult on the extra bed (12 completed years) -15%

    • 50 down payment% to be paid upon confirmation
    • Sale WITHIN the 09.12.19
    • In case of booking cancellation:
    • WITHIN the 15.10.19 the advance paid will not be reimbursed, but it can be used for the stay in Terme Catez in the year 2020 booking with Slovenia Wellness
    • After 15.10.19 the advance paid will not be reimbursed nor can it be used later.

Hotel Toplice ☆☆☆☆

The Hotel combines everything that makes possible a comfortable accommodation: relaxation, good quality services, active holidays, hospitality of staff. The pleasant appearance of the new hotel is enhanced by the charm and warmth of the old Hotel Toplice.

Being connected with the Winter Thermal Riviera and being immediately in front of the Summer Thermal Riviera, the Toplice hotel presents aexcellent choice for families and the lovers of active holidays.


    Adjacent to the thermal baths, connected internally to the Winter Thermal Riviera.


    • Double Room (30 sqm)
      • room with balcony or terrace on the ground floor
      • double bed or two separate single beds
      • option: 1 single sofa chair
      • conditioned air
      • bathroom with tub, toilet
      • hairdryer
      • minibar
      • safe
      • phone
      • sat tv
    • Suite (48-55 square meters)
      • 2 two-room suites (separate bedroom and living room) with balcony and 2 studio suite (the lyrical and living room in one room) with balcony
      • double bed
      • option: double sofa bed (2pax)
      • option: single sofa bed (1 pax) or baby bed
      • conditioned air
      • bathroom with tub, toilet
      • hairdryer
      • minibar
      • safe
      • phone
      • sat tv
      • bathrobe
    • Apartment (57-67 sqm)
      • 2 two-room apartments (separate bedroom and living room) with balcony, and 2 studio apartments (the bedroom and the living room in one room) with balcony
      • double bed
      • option: 2 seats on the sofa bed
      • option: 1 placed on the armchair bed or child's bed
      • conditioned air
      • bathroom with tub, toilet
      • hairdryer
      • minibar
      • safe
      • phone
      • sat tv
      • bathrobe
    • Double room in 3 Residence * (25 sqm)
      • room with balcony or without
      • double bed
      • option: 1 pax on the armchair bed or cot
      • bathroom with toilet
      • hairdryer
      • minibar
      • safe
      • phone
      • sat tv
      • pets
    • Family suite in the 3 * Depandance (36-38 sqm)
      • room with balcony (2 separate rooms)
      • 1 room: double bed and possibility of 2 seats on the sofa bed
      • 2 room: single bed and possibility of 1 placed on the armchair bed or cot
      • bathroom with shower toilet
      • hairdryer
      • minibar
      • safe
      • phone
      • sat tv

    • Winter Thermal Riviera
      In the Winter Thermal Riviera, we invite you to immerse yourself in the thermal water of the largest pool-covered complex and to discover the aquatic paradise with the surface of over 2 300 square meters of thermal water with water attractions. Under the three domes of the Winter Thermal Riviera you are invited by the swimming pools, whirlpools, waterfalls, massage beds ... Tired of the rather quiet activities, you can immerse yourself in the swift river waves. Try the aquatic experience going down the trampoline or kamikaze toboggan. Amateurs of fast descents raves the toboggan black hole with luminous effects, while the tree of experiences thrills swimmers in search of surprises.
    • Summer Thermal Riviera
      Summer Thermal Riviera, the largest complex of outdoor pools far and wide, offers fun for all generations on more than 10 000 square meters of thermal water surfaces. Water attractions and swimming pools of various shapes await you with water temperature 26 - 36 ° C.
      Thermal water was discovered on the Čateško polje, on the banks of the Sava river, more than 200 years ago. An annotation on the Čateške toplice (Čatež thermal establishment) of the 1855 reports that the thermal baths in the Čatež (Čateška verbina) saliceto were even known in the 1802. At that time the natives were digging the graves themselves in the river bed. in the sand, they encircled it with branches of willows, and immersed themselves in water. Since the spring water is very hot - the lexicon states that the Čatež springs were the hottest in the Banat - bathers went to cool off in the nearby Sava river. At Čatež 11 are active thermal water drilling, which flows from the depth of 300 m up to 600 m, with the flow of 60 liters per second at a temperature 58 ° C - 63 ° C. All year round the thermal water guarantees pleasant baths in the Summer and Winter Thermal Riviera and in the pools of hypothermal (32⁰-33⁰ C) and hyperthermal (35⁰ - 36⁰ C) hotels.
      In the Health Center of Terme Čatež, the expert medical team with the help of modern therapeutic equipment, diagnostic equipment and the use of the natural healing factor - thermal water, awaits the care and rehabilitation of the following diseases:
      Post-traumatic and postoperative states of the motor system with functional decompensation,
      States after sports injuries,
      Inflammatory rheumatic diseases,

      Degenerative rheumatism outside the joints,
      Neurological diseases and states after cerebral stroke,

      Gynecological diseases with an emphasis on postoperative rehabilitation of breast cancer.
      In regards to treatment and rehabilitation, consult with your doctor. Your doctor can direct you to Terme Čatež by sending a letter based on your health insurance.
    • Il Health Center of Terme Čatež it ranks among the most fruitful spas in Slovenia thanks to the professional medical team with long experience, made up of medical specialists in physiatry, orthopedics, neurosurgery, kinesiology, physical culture professors, physiotherapists, nurses, ergotherapy specialists, masseurs, as well as to the highest level equipment. Already in 1962 the Terme Čatež spa was promoted by the Ministry of Health as a natural spa. Today, the Health Center carries out the curative and rehabilitative programs in the Hotel Čatež, free of architectural impediments, in which also the hospital department operating under medical supervision 24 resides hours per day. An important and exceptionally fruitful part of our medical activity we carry out in the sports rehabilitation department. Many champions and recreational athletes trust us and come to us to get their injuries rehabilitated or check their physical disposition.
      Curative thermal water
      The thermal water springs of today's Terme Čatež spa were discovered at the confluence of the Save and Krka rivers, more than 220 years ago. Even then, the natives recognized the beneficial health effects of the gushing water. Today, patients and guests can enjoy the delights of swimming in the pool complex at the Hotel Čatež - in the indoor pool with whirlpool and massage beds, and in the irregularly shaped outdoor pool with underwater massages. The pools are suitable for exercise and relaxation. The peculiarity of the complex is the therapeutic swimming pool with ramp, which allows guests with locomotor difficulties and wheelchair users to descend to the water level and enter the pool without the help of an attendant or lift. The water in the pools has the temperature 32 ° C - 36 ° C.
    • SAUNA PARK at the Winter Thermal Center
      On the surface of 1500 mq, in the Winter Thermal Riviera, the Saunas Park offers you the unrepeatable delights in the eight thematic saunas. The Saunas Park also offers pleasant baths in the two refreshing pools and in the two relaxation pools, and the rest on the terrace. To get the tanned skin the guests can use the various solars.In the Saunas Park you can indulge in the sunbeams on the nudist terrace.
      Crystalline sauna: the effects of negative ions relax, calm and cool (70-80 ° C),
      Steam sauna: free the airways (40-50 ° C),
      Extreme sauna: for those who want to test the limits of their estate (90-110 ° C),
      Outdoor Indian sauna: for summer and winter sauna fun (60-75 ° C),

      Salt sauna: for effective body peeling (70-80 ° C),
      Infrared sauna: the beneficial effects of infrared rays for the most effective elimination of toxic substances from the body (50-60 ° C),
      Finnish sauna aroma: traditional way to sweat; hot steam is a great way of purifying and rejuvenating the body and mind (70-90 ° C),
      Acquaviva Sauna: relaxes with audiovisual effects (50-90 ° C).
    • Saunas in the Wellness Center
      Sauna Jupiter (Jupiter) - indoor / outdoor Finnish sauna with 85 temperature - 90 ° C. The wave of hot steam, provided by hot and humid stones, contributes to the relaxation of muscles, purification and toning of body and mind.
      Sauna Nerone - internal Turkish bath. The 45 - 55 ° C temperature and the very high humidity create the steam, which affects the epithelium and respiratory tract healthily, stimulates blood circulation and relaxes muscle tension.
      Lankonium - the perfect place for warmth and relaxation.
      The place of complete relaxation
      Nudist terrace.
      In the THAI Thai Center in the Toplice hotel massages are performed exclusively by masseuses who come from Thailand with the help of aromatic oils and warm herbal extracts.
      At the Čatež Spa you can dedicate yourself to sport and recreation at every step.
      Swimming and swimming in the Thermal Riviera, tennis, basketball, handball, beach volleyball, running along the Sava river dam, canoe rowing, rowing along the Krka river, fishing in the Sava and Krka rivers , the ascent on Mount St. Vid, golf at the Mokrice castle, cycling.
      Your children can create and have fun in the Mini club, we invite you to participate in morning exercises on the Thermal Riviera. For late risers we organize water gymnastics in the morning and afternoon hours. In the evening we invite you to dance in the evergreen environment of the Tropical Garden, while the animators will take care of the fun of your little girls in the Mini Club.
      During the holidays and holidays the entertainment program is enriched with numerous activities and several surprises.
    • FOOD
      In the restaurant of the Toplice hotel guests can enjoy Slovenian and international cuisine for every taste, served in the abundant self-service buffet.
      The Casino Lido Terme Čatež games room offers evening entertainment, moments of leisure.
      The 92 slot machines and the electronic roulette from 8 places await you 365 days a year. The gaming room Casino Lidò is the favorite place for amateurs of entertainment. Give ear to the musicians, visit dance numbers and fashion shows. Give a prize to the prize with exquisite wines.


  • Offer validity: 30.12.19- 02.01.20
  • Treatment: Half Board (HB) + NEW YEAR'S CENON INCLUDED
  • Accommodation : Double room

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