Ljubljana (Ljubljana) is the capital of the Slovenian Republic from the 1991.
Lying on the small river Ljubljanica presents an interesting historical center in Art Nouveau style. The architecture of the city, rich in houses with a pointed roof, is influenced by the influence of nearby Austria. Ljubljana is also an important railway station in the connections between Western Europe and Eastern Europe.

Two curiosities concern her. The first: the name Ljubljana derives in its prefix Ljub- from the Slavic noun ljubezen (= love, affection), which has the same root of love and liebe. One can therefore call it literally the city of love, and so it is often called by its inhabitants.
The second: in the 1941 Ljubljana and the surrounding area (Lower Carniola) became an Italian province of the Venezia Giulia region, with the automotive abbreviation LB. In addition to Italian, Slovenian remained the official language.


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